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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Indonesia, I’m Proud of You

The homeland is always be the best despite all the goodness offer by other country but eventually you will be back and remember that you are not belong to stay in other lands beside Indonesia, the very place where I was born and raised.The homeland is always be the best despite all the goodness offer by other country but eventually you will be back and remember that you are not belong to stay in other lands beside Indonesia, the very place where I was born and raised. And despite of the enormous mismanagement and the corruption here and there in the body of government and all institution in this beautiful country, including the Judicative institution that supposed to uphold and bring the enforcement to the law, and the underestimation of education in any level that brought the people into the level of workers only that we are called as the nation of coolies by the colonialist in the old day and because of the colonialism we as the Indonesian have forget the real identity of our people and country as the maritime and archipelagic country with a million of undiscovered and hidden beauties that awaiting to be revealed, yes despite all of those terrible..terrible things, well Indonesia is a sleeping beauty giant of the equator that awaits to be awaken in the right moment by the right person and the person who cares about her, by letting her always sleeping that’s mean that we are letting her get raped all the time by those antagonist within our own people and the outsider who knows the beauty and treasures of this splendid country. So people we have to act now, starting from ourselves, and from a small things.
Right now I’m in France conducting the course with the French Navy, and from my experience so far in this country that many people dreams to come and to live in, it by far so uncomfortable from my country, Indonesia, except maybe...for those who adore hedonism and materialism, and individualism. I didn’t found the value that I found in Indonesia, the value of respect, friendship, caring, and warmth, maybe a very small part of the peoples but most of them are drowned in the way of life that they have made, here people are living without purpose and destination of life, what they do is how to survive, earn a lot of money, spend it with their own way and back to work, It seems there’s a big emptiness within inside of each of those people, it’s not like what I felt when I’m still in Indonesia, all the people maybe not knowing for sure what they’re looking for, but one thing for sure, that there are their friends and family who really care of each other and they won’t let one of their important parts of life just ruined without any help. Knowing that, I really cherish my life in Indonesia, despite of all trouble and difficulties that the people has to experienced and witnessed because of the elites politics fighting for their own cookies and candies for their own interest but disgustingly taking the name of the people in so doing their action. So yes there no question if you asked me whether I’m willing to fight for my homeland, and does it worthed....the answer is definitely!!
So guys, when you feel that you are not belong in Indonesia, well you are wrong damn you are wrong!! whatever race or color you are and wherever place you come from, when you feel that Indonesia is your home then that only mean one thing! That you are Indonesian by blood and heart. Never feel like leaving Indonesia forever, this is your true home, if you want to go out, we...the people are waiting for your return, we have to wake our truly beautiful sleeping giant to arise and claim back her rights and position in the eye of those once despised and raped her. If you see injustice in our country don’t runaway, instead fight with us to build a new nation together, we are always need another arms of the compatriots that willing to hand to hand build our beloved country in order to awaken the sleeping beauty. Let us say it loud and clear for those in the world end to hear that we are beautiful and the diamond of the equator but we are sleeping no more, Indeed we are awaken now!!can I get a hell ya for that!!

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A perfect couple

A couple is perfect for their couple and yes there is a perfect couple for each person, all you need is to believe and ..to act! There are some peoples thinks that there is no such things as a perfect man/women and from what I think this kind of peoples is a skeptic and in denial, because there is...and in this terms “perfect” not in such definition that this person has no flaws and totally perfect in physical (handsome, beautiful etc) or inner perfectness (kind, patient etc), but perfect in the definition of relativity...what I consider perfect maybe has a lot of flaws in your eyes, but when you really love someone, the whole flaws is just becoming one big perfectness for each couple.
A couple is perfect for their couple and yes there is a perfect couple for each person, all you need is to believe and ..to act! There are some peoples thinks that there is no such things as a perfect man/women and from what I think this kind of peoples is a skeptic and in denial, because there is...and in this terms “perfect” not in such definition that this person has no flaws and totally perfect in physical (handsome, beautiful etc) or inner perfectness (kind, patient etc), but perfect in the definition of relativity...what I consider perfect maybe has a lot of flaws in your eyes, but when you really love someone, the whole flaws is just becoming one big perfectness for each couple.
Recently I just had this conversation with one of my friend, and when I throw the subject that there is a perfect person for each person out there, she instantly respond that nobody is perfect and she’s not dare to hope since she is also definitely not perfect in some way, then I corrected her and tell her that this perfectness is in relative way, when a person consider that their partner is their soul mate then this person is a perfect to each others, when you think that someone is perfect you will see no flaws in him/her and you will forgive whatever wrong conduct that might have been done by this person.
And here it is that I also told myself that there is a right woman out there for me, and she is going to be my miss perfect, that I want to love her not because her possession both physically and mentally but just because for one reason that “I love her”, despite of all her good quality or even her bad quality, this woman will make my gloomy day back to cheers and hopeful day, every time I get to near her it always making me comfort and secure (secure it’s not only the monopoly for women to seek FYI), she will make me always “be positive” in every way even though it’s rough and tough out there, but when you enter the house and you find this woman inside of your house and welcoming you with her radiant faces and very warm smile, the world is becoming very...very nice and humble before your eyes, you will get the energy back to and more than that you even get an extra energy to have a rough journey within your day, and you won’t hesitate at all to struggle the day for you know you have the source of your energy in your home, that always give you the spirit and support, even when you are losing the days, she will think that you are the actual winner in life. And that is what I’m looking for, so tell me is that a very high standard to set, to expect someone that can be your source of energy, to be a wife, to be a friend, and to be a reliable partner that you can trust even your life in her hands?? I guess not, since so many of my friends think that I have a high standard to leveled in the matter of woman in life. Well it just because I’m not looking only for a wife, I’m looking a partner in life, and I hope it will be only one time, and spending the rest of your life with someone it’s not a chit chat things, it’s huge and enormous step to make, so I choose to do it very careful. I remember one simple but quite catchy advice...”If you want to go to your destination, go with the right bus and get to your destination safe and sound, don’t take whatever bus you see because you want to rush it, just take your time, believe and wait that your bus is coming in a very short time”
So I’m telling and believe in myself that my right partner will come in a very short time, and I won’t stand still when this ‘D’ Day happens, I’ll take the action to jump into the bus and hoping that this one will take me to the destination of destiny. On the meantime I dare myself to take the time and believe, even when the time is very short when everyone around you seems very hoping that you ride a bus soon. Well in my religion we believe in three big mystery, they are birth, death, and marriage, so I rely myself on The BIG GUY to make the whole arrangement, and we pray for the best it’s for sure that HE will give you the best, can I get an Amen to that?? and I’m praying that from a billion women that HE created, can HE give me just one woman to accompany me to have a beautiful life together until we meet HIM again in grace.

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Naval diplomacy, An Option or A necessity??

If we willing to look back into the history, we will see the fact that the action of diplomacy that conduct by the naval force is not a new things, in fact it has been around almost just after the birth of Naval force into the world. At first there’s only land force or what we called the army, but when there’s a line of commerce connecting the nations that using the medium of water (in this case the sea), and at the same time it came the necessity to create a ships that had the capability to fight and to defend the commerce ships and protect the line of commerce and the nation’s interest at sea. And that was when the Navy force has been born.
The further use of the ships that has destruction capability had been continue evolving not only as the protector of the merchant ships, but it begun to act as the power of one nation at sea, to fight and defend the sovereignty of a nation at sea from the incoming enemy that use the sea as the media to launch an attack.
When it continue to evolve with the demands of the growing civilization, we have seen a lot of the use of the naval force as a power of diplomacy or what we know as the “Gunboat Diplomacy” and even a strength to defeat the opponents, In the 19th century the what so called as the “gunboat diplomacy” is the term known as the way of the colonialist to intimidate and give a warning to the enemy in the matter to open a new colony and a new region. One of the well known event of the history on the use of gunboat diplomacy is the opening Japan famous blockade from outside influence that conduct by the U.S Navy led by Commodore Matthew Calbraith Perry in 1854 that caused another historical event in Japan history which is “The Meiji restoration” that bring to the end the era of “Samurai”.
In the present days, the gunboat diplomacy has been expanding, is much more than just an action to give a warning and to intimidate the opponents at sea, but it’s more than that, the diplomacy is another way to make a relationship with another nation with a goodwill mission which also known as the “Naval presence” , in this case naval presence can’t be leveled with gunboat diplomacy, there are more than meet the eye for it, naval presence have the tendency to warn the other parties as for the existence of the navy in the area concerned, though is not always friendly, but the action does not include the use of the gun force. One of the form of naval presence is the port visit that conducted by a warship to other country port to prove the existence of the navy within certain region, and with a distinct aim is to form a public opinion in the area visited about the country concerned. Naval diplomacy concept is divided into two parts, which is the “Naval influence politics” that include the naval aid, operational conduct, port visit, and a joint exercise. The other is “Naval Power Politics“ which include the naval power demonstration, and operational movement with a special reason, which has the coercive character (gun power tendency). This coercive approach is what we know as the gunboat diplomacy.
The Navy is the one and only force that can bring the image of the sovereignty of one country directly to the heart of another country, by that reason is a potential force of diplomacy that can be used by the nation, and also for the same reason that is become a necessity for the Navy to be the more advance than the army and air force, because of the complexity of the Naval task has to be done. The Navy with the warships is a standalone military unit that can be projected directly to the heart of the destination country, with the reason that mostly the most important cities of a country is located in the coast of the nation. The warships in single unit or a bigger division has the capability of conducting the tasks with the characteristic of social, humanitarian or even politics, and off course the military character. The non-territorial character in the media used by the warships give the navy an advance with two other forces. A warship not only able to mobile, but also has the ability to carry the artillery, weaponry, troops, military vehicle and others military equipment needed for operational causes, and so for this cause has made the navy as a perfect instrument for diplomacy.
Naval diplomacy has been and always conducted by the navy of the nations that has a large part of their territory is the sea or largely part of the area is the aquatic, for example United Kingdom, Unites States of America, France, India and many others. And the correlation with that, we suppose that Indonesia as the biggest archipelago country in the world should realize that the use of the naval force as the ultimate line of defense is inevitable and has always been like that, it just a matter of the peoples to see and act based on it, and so for that the use of naval diplomacy should be include in the statement of the defense policy of the blueprint of the defense in the future. It would be very ironic for the future of the nation when the biggest archipelago country has the main concern of the defense is more to the continent and abandon the true characteristic of the country, meanwhile ¾ parts of the nation itself is an aquatic areas, by that reason alone we have lost some parts of our country that we have to forcedly let go to our neighboring country, it just a matter of time to realize that if we not set the mind of defense at sea and change our mentality in general to it, one by one the region of our country will be diminished, so....it’s about time for all of us the people of the beloved country of Indonesia to act and set our mind as the maritime people instead of continent people. Let no time be wasted!!

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Obama, Expecting the new face of USA??

So we have heard that the 44th president of the United states of America is Barrack Hussein Obama, the man that will last in the history perhaps a hundred years after. Some might say that this is the most anticipated U.S. presidential election ever, since he is the first Afro-American to be president in United States that has a long history struggling with racism. And he will be the man that write the history with a golden ink if all the expectation that not only the Americans count him for but most of the people all over the world hoping that he will make the change that everyone is wishing for, can be realize in his era of presidency. And me, personally would like to congratulate him since I’m also one of those people that expecting a significant change would be made by his leadership in the years to come.
The winning of Obama has definitely change the face of the world, not just because he is the first Afro-American to be elected to be president of U.S.A but there are more than meet the eye, most of the people consider him as the symbol of change not only American but rest of the world too. The citizen of the world expecting the new era of America that end the arrogance and selfishness that shown by the U.S international policies all this time in the leadership of the US presidents before him. Even the Iran leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad congratulate Obama in person, has shown that the elected Obama has change the grand wave of the International affairs and politics among nations that all of this time consider to have a rivalry.
In France more than 80% of the people would vote for him in the election if they able to do so, and in Indonesia maybe more than 90% of Indonesian will do the same things (according to the pooling done by one of the Indonesian internet site), some because the rational and educated reason such as Obama will bring the change to the face of America to the world, and others because Obama is the symbol of new era of America. But some others would vote for him because a simple and sometimes a funny reason such as his father is a moslem and others for the reason that Obama was raised and have a history with Indonesia when he was just a little child. Well that is Indonesian, sometimes can make us very proud but some other times can make us laugh for something irrational.
Is it the right thing to do to believe in the change that will be brought by Obama? Well his campaign motto is “Obama, The change we can believe in” so let us wait in peace to see the change that will be made by Obama, but somehow I can believe in one thing that the change already been made by his presidential winning, as the first Afro-American to be the president that is already a great change made, so...yeah I can wait to next change will be made, and the motto going to be “We can believe in the changed by Obama!”

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