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Thursday, March 12, 2009

The life can never be predicted but we can try to achieve it

This is the phrase that I made up by myself based on the condition that I believe I have and accordance to some sources most people talk about recently, and that source I believe most people had read it..that is “The Secret”
This is the phrase that I made up by myself based on the condition that I believe I have and accordance to some sources most people talk about recently, and that source I believe most people had read it..that is “The Secret” , “Law of Attraction” and for Indonesian..you may know the book “Quantum Ikhlas”. So there I was listening this musical instrument taken from the movie “Eiffel I’m in Love” and by watching this fabulous tower of Paris..the Eiffel tower. Indeed I have this dream back then that somehow I’ll come to visit this Legen.....wait for it!! ..dary ..yeah LEGENDARY!! Place that become the most destined place for tourism in the world, every single man that know this place surely want to come and have a walk in the famous boulevard of Champ Elysée and walk to the Louvre museum where is kept the painting of a chubby lady whose smile fascinate the world, she’s called “La Jaconde” or in English we know her as “Monalisa”. I have this longing attraction toward France and the culture that they have...and since then I have always dreaming to go there someday...as start when I was in the Academy I eagerly want to take this French course that paid by the Academy (of course!! Who doesn’t want free course) though after I graduate from the academy I couldn’t continue but still believe someday I will step my foot there . So years pass by and I saw this film of Eiffel I’m in love ..well I’m also in love with the city of love...some might say!! And the spirit rise once again...after that I really want to learn the language and in 2006 the chance just come to me without I even notice...I really think that is the way given by the universe a.k.a God for the wish that I said long time ago. And there were this program of the Navy that able the participants to go to France..well that’s it then..It is my aim, so I always have all my effort towards it however hard it might be, I can’t say it was easy!! somehow the universe give us his own exam and series of tests that we must deal and overcome before it can be a reality, after all that I’ve done ..I don’t want to be a loser and after all the long walk I don’t want anything that can get into my way can failed me, so despite of looking and holding the Eiffel keychain given by my French friends and imagine the picture of the tower in my mind like ..all the time!! Yes I have this troubled time when the chance just in the front of your eyes. So let me tell you something that I heard the chance to have the enrollment to the program..it was when I’m in the middle of naval operations in the area of island of Riau, so I’m not even near the base back at that time, but when you have a goal you should fight for it, whatever cost you may take, the worse part it just you failed but you know you’ve tried, and take my words that you have to do it clean..and jerk, because somehow cleanliness is make the count!!trust me!! Be honest and simple. So there I was again having very doubtful moment when someone coming up from nowhere risking my chance to have my dream, well I don’t know exactly what happen and why this person suddenly come up to the surface...but in the end I know that he played harshly and not even near to clean..in fact it was a filthy move that he took. But somehow I believe that I’m gonna get it, it was when I have the Friday prayer when I feel very doubtful and confused and all of a sudden there was a very unusual cool wind, somehow it makes me calm and comfort, and after I feel that I will get this chance of mine. And the end ..yes I got it. And here I am floating around in the dream come true of mine, and somehow it just getting better day by day despite of the big waves and strange food that doesn’t feel right in my tongue..ha ha I should laugh about it since my tongue is an Indonesian tongue that accustomed to spices and chilies, but here in France everyone eat everything that tasteless on my tongue opinion of course, and sometimes I found it bizarre, but anyhow here I am again living my chance big and alive!!

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lia said...

ehm you like the early bird gets the worm...if we who participate in an activity at the begining is more likely to find success than are the latecomers